1. I want amazing pictures of my costume, how do we do it?

At the event its first-come-first-served for time slots.  But you have the opportunity to secure a time slot for yourself right now!  This way you are guaranteed a session with us at a time that works with your schedule.  Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to book your spot.

2. I really want to have a personal portrait session but dont want to wear a costume, can I still get my pictures taken?

Absolutely!  We will have a portable full-service photography studio set up at the event to take any kind of shot you're after, and no matter what you're wearing! (you must wear clothes 🙂 )  If you want something outdoors, we can scope out the perfect spot outside the hotel or at a local park and shoot there, too.  We will bring at least one lighting technician with fill flashes to make your outdoor images POP.  Check out some of our outdoor shoots to see how creative an outdoor session can be!

3. So how much is all this going to cost me?

If you reserve your session before the event, a standard 1-hour session with 15 finished images is $199.  An extended 2-hour session with 25 finished images is $299.  If you book at the event, they will be $249 and $349, respectively.  This includes the specified time allotment plus the time it takes to provide you with proofs and editing all of your chosen shots.

4. Can I split a session with my friends?

Absolutely!  Go in on a session with friends to reduce the individual cost and have both group and individual shots taken. Best of all, everyone in your group gets all of the images! 

5. What if i just want you to take one picture of me?

We will be doing onesy-twosy shoots throughout the event, mostly in between booked shoots or during cancellations.  These will be done first-come-first-served and cost $25 per finished image.  

6. What kinds of tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Your photographer, Rebekah, will discuss with you the edits you want, such as blemish removal, tucking or re-shaping, skin texture, horn disembowelment, vampire bite removal, demon extraction, etc.  There will be a personal one-on-one conversation with you after you've seen the proofs and before the editing is done so that Rebekah produces the perfect images that you are about to put on blast.

7. How can I save 20% off of my photo shoot?

Willy Wonka will be walking around the main ballroom and throughout the hotel on Saturday handing out Savings Candy.  Bring this candy with you to your shoot and hand it to your Oompa Loompa photographer to receive the discount!

8. What am i going to get?

Blown out of the water.  We will provide you with multiple sizes of each finished image for print, plus web and mobile sizes for Instagram and Facebook.

9. Can I get prints of my pictures?

Yes!  We can print your images in any size from wallet to poster.  We can even have your selected images printed on large canvas ready for framing!  Talk to Rebekah about these options at your shoot.