RED Dragon Digital Film Cameras

We are please to announce the availability of our RED Dragon digital film cameras. If video production aliens from another planet were to land on Earth, they would be shooting with RED Dragons. These cameras from RED deliver the most vibrant, dynamic, and high resolution video of any camera on Earth. Since its release this year, many movies, TV shows, and documentaries have been shot using these.

Phil Holland of is one of our idols over here at US Filmworks. Phil has used many cameras over the coarse of his career, and he has some amazing things to say about the RED Dragon. He was so impressed with its capabilities that he shot an epic demo highlighting the camera’s unique capabilities. Having a revolutionary sensor capable of shooting 6K footage at 100 frames per second is just the beginning. Its unique dynamic range of over 16 f-stops, 16 bits per sub pixel, and unique color science bring this camera features that no other camera can currently touch. The RED Dragon has 9 times the pixels of HD at 19.2 million, allowing it to create stunning still images from its video streams.

It’s Just Paint

This video, created by Phil Holland, showcases the amazing capabilities of the RED Dragon camera.  Unfortunately you probably don’t have a 6K display handy to view it in its amazing glory, so you’ll have to live with only being able to see about 10% of the pixels that were recorded by the camera.  HD displays have about 2 million pixels, whereas the RED Dragon can record about 19.2 million.  When viewing, make sure you’re full screen and set the playback window to 1080p mode.  If you are lucky to have a 2K or 4K display handy, make sure to turn the settings to maximum!  When viewing in HD, just imaging being able to see the other 90% of the pixels!

Our Work with RED Dragon

Be a bit patient, as we are amassing our footage shot on our RED Dragons.  Soon we will have a demo reel of our experience to date.  Coming soon!