Recording Studio

US Filmworks now offers studio recording of audio.  Our target client is one who appreciates what’s important about recording audio: sound quality.  What makes a better finished product is a combination of environmental control, quality equipment, and experience.

Our studio is designed to be functional, equipped with what really matters to the ear, not necessarily the eye.  We focus on the separation of sound sources, yet keeping an intimate feel to accommodate recording of small groups in real time.  The use of in-ear monitors and limiting in-room sound, and closed-circuit TV between the sound insulated drum room and the studio are used to keep a band together musically, but at the same time allowing the separation of voices and instruments for the benefit of multi-track editing.  The use of sound absorbent materials and super-cardioid dynamic microphones keep the separation during group recordings, while sound isolating booths and cardioid studio-condenser microphones get all the intimate details of solo voice and instrument.

From the microphones only the finest cables and connectors are used, soldiered and tested by us to ensure optimal quality.  Those cables plug into quality pre-amps that feed directly into a computer that simultaneously records 32 channels uncompressed at 24-bit/96kHz.  From there, various types of magic are applied to master your project in the highest fidelity possible.

Again, our focus is on sound quality.  However, that doesn’t mean quality has to be expensive.  We have taken steps to ensure that the environment and equipment used are not going to shadow your sound and lead to diminished quality.  But at the same time, we did not invest money into fancy things to see.  Our studio is modest and does not look like the studios pictured on this page.  In our opinion, you don’t require a fancy looking environment to create beautiful sound recordings; you can’t see sound, therefore sound shouldn’t care if we didn’t spend the money to make our studios look beautiful.  We worried about your sound sounding beautiful, and that’s what counts when your fans listen to your music.

Live Sound Reinforcement

US Filmworks can provide live sound reinforcement for just about any sized indoor or outdoor event.  Whether you need a simple announcement PA system for a small indoor venue or a complex 56 channel house and stage monitor system to fill an outdoor stadium, US Filmworks can do it right.  We have the equipment and technical expertise to drive just about any sound reinforcement job imaginable.  Anything we can’t handle ourselves is fulfilled using reputable backline providers who operate under our instruction so management of your project is handled with a single point of contact.

US Filmworks also maintains relationships with the best lighting companies.  Larger events requiring stage lighting such as music concerts are handled with the same single point of contact management that makes our live sound reinforcement services so popular with our clients.  Contact us to discuss any sound reinforcement or lighting project; consultations are free.

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